New Years Day Adventure: January 1st, 2016

Holiday In The Park on New Years Day

What a better way to spend New Years Day than riding coasters in 40 degree temperatures? Since Spring of 2014 I have been promising to take my buddy Ed back to the park as the last time we went it was hot and packed with Christian youth groups and we were miserable and we left after a few hours. Today I got to make it up to him with low crowds today not to mention all the lights, food and awesomeness that is Holiday In The Park

 First stop: the best coaster running for this event ;)

We were there from 1:30 til about 5pm today. It was COLD. The sun peaked out a few times but not for long and the temps stayed in the 40s and then dipped into the 30s (was 37 when we left) and it was mostly cloudy, and very windy at times. All scheduled coasters were running, we managed to get on almost everything at least once and a bunch of laps on Nitro

Batman will rip your face off.

My last two trips to HITP were in the late afternoon and evening on much milder days so it was nice to feel like we had the place to ourselves. When we first arrived went straight to Nitro and was a total walkon but they only had the first four rows open since it was crawling over the hills. Lots of wind pushing against the train. We stayed seated for lap 2 as no one was waiting for our row. Even though the ride was crawling they were still great laps. 

 Tap dance like a skeleton over to Skull Mounta... sorry Poinsettia Peak! 

I finally got the coveted Poinsettia Peak (Skull Mountain) credit where it was so dead we walked right onto the back row had almost the entire train to ourselves, then stayed on for a second lap in the same row. 

 Pretty quiet crowds today. Just the way I like it. 

Then we bounced over for one lap on Batman where it is confirmed that I'M FAT! Why can't I fit into these inverts anymore?! First Talon and now Batman. This was never a problem until recently.  No walk of shame - kudos to the two hilarious ride ops who got a little workout squeezing me in there. Batman felt extremely fast and intense compared to usual, wondering why. Great as always. We almost tried The Dark Knight coaster but it actually had a line. Pass!

Total Mayhem construction. As you can see just lots of footers poured. 

After stopping to check construction on the new Total Mayhem coaster - just lots of footers, though the surrounding area seems to be taking shape somewhat - we went for Superman back row (walkon) and holy crap the whip through that pretzel loop never gets old. 

 You know its dead when there is no line for Superman! 

Super Ugly Six Flags X-mas sweater in the Superman gift shop

I was then convinced we should ride Green Lantern since no one else was and we almost went for the front but since they were running one train (as was Superman and Batman) we just jumped on row 2 in stead of waiting a cycle. Horrible horrible horrible. Green Lantern is horrible. First ride in almost two years and that's where that relationship ends. I will never ride it again. I tried the ride-with-your-head-sticking-forward "trick" some have suggested and sorry but that's bullshit I still got clocked multiple times on either side of my head. After the mid course brakes, I have never wanted a coaster to end so badly. 

Looks cool, the first drop and loop are fun, all down hill from there.

We were hungry and had some munchies at Nathans. Short wait, good service, and the food was great. Nice to not have a long wait for food since my two previous visits to HITP they seemed very understaffed and overwhelmed by the crowds. Not here, not today. Ed got some dogs and I have some bacon covered cheese fries. Yum. 

From here it was back to Nitro for few final laps. They were now allowing riders in all rows, so of course both laps were in the back. Both fantastic laps, the whip over that enormous drop in the back seat never gets old.

Hoods up, gloves and hats on, get ready for a winter blast

After our second of two laps the train dispatching after ours got stuck about 20 feet up the lift. Lots of gawking and pointing ensued. We shrugged and agreed we had good timing, snapped a pic, and decided it was finally waffle time.  

All I've been hearing about from fellow park goers is that I have to try the waffles before HITP is over. We were very lucky to walk up to no wait and place our order which was ready in a few quick minutes. OMG people believe the hype. I got the "La Nutty" or whatever with nutella, hazelnuts, bananas, whipped cream and of course said yes when that smooth French broad asked in her sensual accent if I wanted the ice cream. Then, "would you like to try our delicious hot chocolate?" Hell yes. These women could have sold me anything. 

Treeside waffles in the Park

It was about 4:30 and getting dark so we snagged a bench on Main Street near Johnny Rockets facing the big fancy LED Xmas tree and got to watch the entire show while I slowly enjoyed my life altering waffle and hot chocolate. It was now freezing, we rode everything we wanted and were able to enjoy a bit of the lights with the sun going down. It also felt like the crowds were starting to stream in so we just called it a day. Hoping to get back on Sunday for closing day, but even if I don't today was a great way to start a new year. 

Ride count:
Nitro 4x
Pointsettia Peak 2x
Batman 1x
Superman 1x
Green Lantern 1x