Final Weekend @ Morey's: Sept 19th, 2015

Awesome shot of the Great White closed for the season, courtesy of my Mom

With the Pope coming to Philly this weekend people are acting like its the apocalypse and everyone I know in Philly is heading down to Wildwood. Since Moreys Piers are only open one more weekend, I decided to get a jump start and head down to my folks over the weekend to get some last rides of the year. Got in late Friday night so didn't head up to the boardwalk til Saturday afternoon after getting a load on @ brunch.  I was riding alone as my folks decided to relax on the beach.

Moreys Screaming Swing in action

I decided to try to ride as much as I could and use up any remaining tickets I had left on my Wild Card since I won't be down again before the piers close (I think I had close to 100 tix when I checked it). Headed to Adventure Pier first and hopped on the Screaming Swing for two consecutive rides. Ops let me reride (not for free - they took my card and swiped it again) since no one ever rides this amazing flat and there was no wait. Of course I bribed them to run the cycle longer but as always they laughed and explained maintenance would have to come and do that.

The Great White POV by ThemeParkReview

Also jumped on the Great White for a back seat ride on the blue train and it was very sluggish and bumpy. Still fun. Headed off down the boards to grab my final slice of Macks Pizza for the year, excellent as always. Do not sleep on Macks if you are in Wildwood. Just the best. Wandered further down to Surfside pier, hopped on the Kong flyers, got a little snapping going and didn't get kicked off like last time lol. Decided to take a ride on Atmosfear, their Larson drop tower. Its the only ride on the piers that intimidates me but its so ridiculous and fun. Rode with a little girl next to me who was scared out of her mind. About 3/4 up the tower she nervously asks me "Have you ridden this before?" to which I happily replied "Yep!" She then asked "is it gonna just drop or does it stop" and before I could finish saying "It just drops!" we were already on our way down. She let out a big "WOW!" when we hit the brakes. 

 Atmosfear in action

All summer I've been wanting to hop on the classic Flitzer and the line is always one of the longest since its a coaster all the really young kids can ride, but today the line was about 5 minutes, so I jumped in. The entire queue were 7-10 year olds, and then big old me. Such a great little junior coaster and always a nostalgic ride.

Flitzer POV by ThemeParkManiacs
I left Surfside and slowly walked back to Adventure to get another ride on the Great White and Screaming Swing. Only running blue train on TGW so I hopped in and braced myself but it felt a bit smoother on that ride. From here I headed back to my folks to meet up with them for dinner (Five Guys and more drinks, yo). 

Another awesome POV of The Great White

After dinner my folks decided to hang at the house but I had a few tickets left and there would be fireworks on the beach at 9pm so I walked back up and got in two more rides on the Screaming Swing (the ops were all "Oh, he's back...") and two more laps on the Great White. TGW was now running both trains so I waited an extra cycle for the red train and had a great ride. I'd heard Kohr Bros had some pumpkin custard but of course they were out so I snagged a peanut butter + chocolate twist on a waffle cone and slowly strolled back to my folks place to end a nice day.

Side note: last weekend I bought an El Toro t-shirt at Great Adv so I wore it while out on Saturday and had at least 10 people throughout the day and night say something to me about it. One of the game employees even yelled it to me across the boardwalk on the microphone. "HEY ELLL TOOOOROOO!!!!!" LMAO.

No photos, had no camera with me this weekend but just wanted to share my last weekend of the season at one of my favorite places on earth. All in all not a bad day of solo riding. Feels like the end of the season, even though I still have Great Adventure til January! Woot!

Ride count
Great White 4x

Screaming Swing 5x
Kong 1x
Flitzer 1x
Atmosfear 1x

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