National Coaster Day & El Toro ERT: August 16th, 2015

My most recent visit to the park is a perfect example of why I love being a season pass holder at Great Adventure and living so close. Myself, my sister Alison and my bro-in-law Tom made a short visit were in and out in of the park in about 2 hours this morning, and managed to do a ton in a really short amount of time. For National Coaster Day the park was having a short half hour ERT on my favorite woodie, El Toro, before the park opened, just for season passholders. I'm not sure if it was the heat or what but it seemed crowded as we entered, however everyone must have been heading to Hurricane Harbor as the dry park was kinda dead. 

A little news story/on-ride of El Toro

We got in at 10am on the dot, no problems at the gate and right over to El Toro. They had a table set up outside the gates where you had to get a bracelet for the ERT so I'm so glad Tom noticed that since everyone in front of us in the season pass entrance were getting out of line to go get their bracelets! ERT was nice (3 laps, one with Al, two with Tom), though they were very much Sunday morning rides as the Bull was very sluggish today. Toro has some major jackhammering on the turnaround, we also always sit in the non-wheel seats and it was noticeable today as always. But otherwise its smooth as butter and the best wooden coaster there is! 

We also took my 2 yr old nephew for his first ever visit to the park in hopes to take him on the safari but after the ERT we asked him if he wanted to do rides or see animals (he can barely talk). His response? "Rides!" We checked out Bugs Bunny National Park to scope out their kiddie rides but they wouldn't open til 11am, so we headed out into Fantasy Forest where my nephew got to ride on a chicken on the old Carousel, which he loved. 

Batman Backwards POV

From here we headed over to Safari Kids and noticed Batman was still running backwards, and Al hadn't yet done it so we hopped on and had a brief station wait. While we did that, Tom took my nephew into Safari Kids (which if you didnt know, has the BEST bathroom in the park! - spotless and freezing!) and got him on a bunch of rides, including Road Runner Railway so he got his first coaster credit today! Big moment for him (read: us) and he seemed to love it.
(Nerd alert) Road Runner Railway is the only coaster I had not ridden at Great Adventure as I was never sure if they would let adults ride alone and I never cared enough to try - I think Ive been in Safari Kids once before today - but once I heard he rode I asked him if he would ride again with me and he said yes! Once we got back to it, he wouldn't go back on! So since we were there and there was all of two other people waiting for it, I swallowed my pride and approached the op with my fingers crossed behind my back and he just kind of smirked at me and on I went. Back seat, super intense for a tiny little thing. I said to the op when it was over "thats as intense as El Toro" which got a laugh out of him. 

Nitro POV by FrontSeatCoasters

We went for Nitro which had a station wait just before noon, and good thing since the crew was slooooooooooow today, and from there we left. It was nice in the shade but the heat was unbearable. Never felt crowded at all but as we exited out to the lot at noon the place was becoming rammed. Overall we had a great morning and short and sweet visit for National Coaster Day.  No photos except the one up top that Tom took of me during our mini Toro marathon.

Ride count
El Toro 3x
Namtab 1x
Road Runner Railway 1x

Nitro 1x