Summer At The Seashore: July 10th-12th, 2015

Morey's "Giant Wheel" with its fun lighting package

I was in Wildwood, New Jersey at my folks place all weekend and actually made it up to the piers Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and had a fantastic time, pretty much my favorite park trip this year (with our trip to Cedar Point in May being the exception of course). I moved to my new house this past April and while packing I discovered a whopping 5 (!!) ticket cards, all with random balances on them. I was able to combine all five of them onto one card and it turned out I had about 250 tickets. Score! I haven't visited the island since the piers have been open this year so needless to say I was ready for riding.

We didn't manage to take a lot of photos but here is a fun gif of Adeventure Pier.
Left to right: The Great White (coaster), Skycoaster, Screaming Swing, and Sling Shot. 

I didn't get down to Wildwood til 7pm on Friday and my bro-in-law and I didn't get up to the piers til 9pm (the piers close at midnight) and had some great night rides. We started on Adventure Pier with The Great White, first trying a back seat ride in the red train, then walking around for the blue train. Last year I felt the red train was running better but our 2nd ride on the blue train Friday that thing was tearing through the course. Obviously after this we had to hit up the Screaming Swing because its right next door and easily the best flat on the three piers. I'm so glad its no longer an upcharge, I want to ride it over and over. 

After this we headed to Mariners to do the Riptide pirate ship ride, and while I still think its a great installation it felt tame after the intensity of the Screaming Swing. Our ride on this was made fun by watching/listening to the woman reluctantly riding with her son in front of us, screaming for dear life. After working up an appetite we stopped for some Macks Pizza because its the best and then we went drinking, off the boardwalk, to close out the night. 

Saturday was another lazy day involving the beach, day drinking and a huge family dinner, so we ended up not getting up to the piers til 10pm. Adventure Pier is closest to my folks place so we usually start/end there, so again we started with the Great White. If you haven't been to Wildwood you should know that - similar to Dorney - there are basically never waits longer than 5-15 minutes for any rides. Most of the time everything is a walk on. So it would come as a complete surprise that we walked up to the Great White to find the never used queue completely full and spilling out onto the midway. We said "screw it" and waited which is just such a weird thing in Wildwood, but the line moved and we got on in about 25 minutes. We had another amazing ride on the blue train in the last car. Somehow it felt even wilder than our ride on Friday night. 

Since the line was so long we gave up hopes for a second lap and headed for the Screaming Swing again - a walk on. We couldn't get enough and since no one was waiting the ride ops let us stay in our seats and just swiped my card while we waited for them to fire it back up. So so so fun. 

Some daytime off ride footage of Adventure Piers' Screaming Swing

I was really looking forward to trying the new KONG flyers that Moreys installed this year as they built a store and put the flyers up on top of it. So after our adventures on Adventure Pier we took the loooong stroll all the way down the boardwalk to Surfside Pier to check out the new ride. What a GREAT job they did with this, it looks absolutely fantastic at night. I wish I had remembered to bring my camera but I did not so I have no good photos of it at night. It had a decent line, not surprising for their new ride. We waited about 15 minutes. 

Some daytime off ride footage of this awesome ride.

The centerpiece is a giant Kong figure hanging off of a lighthouse, wearing an "I <3 WW" t-shirt, and holding a Wildwood tramcar in his fist, and the vehicles are themed to sharks. They have a really nice lighting package on it (including lights under the vehicles), smoke billowing out of Kongs nose, and when the ride starts they pipe in the sound of a propeller plane taking off. During the boarding shpeil they mentioned "intentionally slacking the cables will result in your removal from the ride" lol. They run a pretty good, lengthy cycle and we were able to really get our boats moving, almost snapping the cables a few times and then I got it once really good right before the cycle ended. We had such a great time on this, the added height of the ride placement on top of the store (which, keep in mind, is on the boardwalk 15 feet above the beach) majorly adds to the thrill. The themeing is sooooo Wildwood it fits perfectly, its been so long since I've been this jazzed about a new ride @ Morey's. 

Check out this POV and offride that I found on YouTube to get a 
sense of the placement of the ride and the awesome lighting. 

After our awesome ride on KONG, we decided the best way to end the night would be to hop on their crazy Larson drop tower, AtmosFear. This thing is only 140 feet but its so incredibly forceful and insane its the only ride on all three piers that makes me a little nervous beforehand. It drops so fast and forcefully and stops on a dime. 


After a quick stop at Kohr Bros around midnight for a chocolate-on-chocolate custard, we slowly wandered back home to get some sleep. 

On Sunday we decided to take my just-about-2 year old nephew up to Surfside Pier so he could get a bunch of rides in on the kiddie rides.

Mariners Landing

Surfside Pier

Myself, my sister, and my bro-in-law all took turns joining him on them, so I got to get my first (and hopefully last) ride Happy Feet, a Zamperla 'Happy Swing' ride. The ride was surprisingly forceful and I feared my nephew might lose his lunch. Upon debarking he cried "again, again!" 

I also took my first ride on the Jump Around, also a Zamperla themed to baja buggies, where the entire ride leaned to one side when I climbed into the tiny seat LMAO. 

 It's amazing to see these piers and rides through my nephews eyes, it gives me a whole new appreciation for it all. We were bummed when we figured out he is just an inch shy of riding the Flitzer and Doo Wopper (wild mouse) coasters w/ an adult. Maybe next year. :/ I'm not 100% sure he is even ready for that yet! But he will be - the kid loves rides, he has this look of simultaneous bewilderment and impending protein spill when he rides anything, but cries when its over and repeats "again, again!" We always say its in his blood.

Tom and I also used this Sunday afternoon trip to get back on the KONG flyers again and all three of us took turns doing that crazyass drop tower AtmosFear again. Good times. 

The Great Nor'easter (SLC for the unfamiliar) seemed to be closed all weekend. We *almost* rode it Sunday afternoon but it was shut down completely. I didn't see it run at all over the weekend that I recall. I meant to ask someone what was up but I didn't care that much and totally forgot about it. We did stop at the Zoom Flume "soak zone" to cool off a bit. 

A new food vendor that I discovered opened recently at the front of Adventure Pier is a Beaver Tail truck. I was so stoked to find this as when planning our Cedar Point trip I had read these were a must-do and we totally skipped them. So I got to try a Beaver Tail! My toppings were chocolate hazelnut, peanut butter and Reeses Pieces because YUM. I will definitely have another. We also stopped at Idaho Potatoes across from the entrance to Mariners Pier because they have the best fries on the planet. Wildwood has so much great boardwalk food! 

Adventure Pier

Overall we had a great time at Morey's this weekend. Ive said it here before but I feel that this park is very underrated in the enthusiast community. If you haven't been and you are looking for a summer getaway, don't hesitate. Their three big coasters may include an SLC and a Boomerang, but their woodie is fantastic, they have a great flat collection, and like Cedar Point, the location on the beach is amazing not to mention the food and atmosphere overall is a huge part of its charm. I might be going back this weekend! 

Total weekend ride count:
The Great White 3x
Screaming Swing 3x
Kong 2x
Atmosfear 2x
Riptide 1x
Happy Feet 1x
Jump Around 1x

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