Return To The Sea: July 18th, 2015


I was back down in Wildwood once again this weekend after we had such a blast last weekend, and we managed to make it up to the piers two times on Saturday: first in the afternoon for some rides, arcade action, day drinking and Macks pizza of course. The Great White was running really well today, especially our rides at night. I guess you can rent these balls and climb inside and roll around on the beach. Seemed busier at night.  

The Boardwalk Mall is always fun to get out of the heat. Some weird stores and has a great arcade in the basement. Crowds were light but it was extremely hot in the sun while walking the boards so we spent a good amount of time popping into arcades to play cranes in addition to boardwalk junk/t-shirt stores to compare what seems to be the same exact merchandise that is in all of these stores.   

We stopped at Capt'n Jacks Boardwalk Grill which i located next to Sand Jam and across from Sams Pizza. I've always wanted to stop in here. We wound up being seated on their second floor for a cool view of the boardwalk below us. We didn't eat but instead enjoyed a liquid lunch. This (above) is lemonade with blueberry infused vodka. Yum! 

 And more lemonade (this time topped with a Twisted Tea, as you can see).

The Nor'easter was busy today, but I didn't ride. I didn't feel like going  
through an airport security checkpoint just to ride a crappy SLC.

It was nice & windy, perfect for a ride on the KONG flyers.

  Far left, airborne, enjoying the hell out of this ride.

 Then they yelled at me and kicked me off. :(

After a delicious dinner of fish N chips and oranges crushes at local hole-in-the-wall Ship-N-Shore, we headed once again back to the boardwalk for night rides, more boardwalk junk store browsing, and more awesome boardwalk food. 

The Great White was running fantastic this weekend. 

Lines weren't as bad compared to last weekend and we had a great time. In fact all weekend was great. I love Wildwood!

Ride count:
Great White 3xs
Screaming Swing 4xs
KONG flyers 1xs (got kicked off for snapping. doh!)

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