Mid-Summer Hooky Day: July 22nd, 2015

We had a nice relaxing day at our home park Great Adventure yesterday. Crowds were medium to high for a weekday, but it never got super packed on the midways and the longest we waited for anything was 30 minutes, so we never bothered with Flash Passes. Seemed like a ton of day camps on trips - lots of teens and pre-teens with matching shirts, many with camp logos on them. 

We got to the park around 10:45, got a good parking spot right near the preferred entrance, and headed for the park entrance where we found the ticket booths all had long, seriously slow moving lines. Two of the three of us have season passes so the third was getting the BAF for $9.99 deal so we had to wait. After 45 minutes (!!!) we made it to the booth and it took all of 2 minutes to get him a ticket, I really don't understand why it takes people buying day tickets so long. Lots of people with coke cans in line. Ugh. 

Since I have yet to ride Nitro in 2015 we headed there first and were greeted by a walkon. Score! We got train C, sat toward the back and I can happily report it was smooth as butter. What a great first ride of the day, that first drop in the back of the train never gets old. I love this ride. 

We all had our heads set on Namtab but when we attempted that next the line was out to the entrance. I figured since it's the "hot" ride of the park right now everyone would head here first so it made sense the line was so long. We would try back later. 

Since we were in the area we ducked in Skull Mountain and we had a station wait. I love this ride so much. They really had the death metal cranked today and its nice they sealed all the holes in the building, its nice and dark. And would you believe it - Skull Mountains station was Air Conditioned! Whoa now Six Flags don't get carried away or we'll start expecting this kind of treatment all the time. We sat in the last row of course because you get great ejector air over the drop. The rest of the ride is just silly and always makes me laugh like an 8 year old. 

From here we wanted to get a ride on El Toro so we headed over to the Skyride and discovered a modest line and one side operations. After not moving in line for 10 minutes we gave up, hopped the queue fence and decided we'd get over there faster by walking. On our way we spotted some cool sandcastle art advertising Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park. Pretty cool. 

On our way to El Toro we caught El Diablo running (even with a very short queue still skipped it), and we stopped at the just opened Macho Nacho and had ourselves some margaritas. They were pretty good but the service was slooooooow. They had one bartender and he was brand new and lacked any sort of grasp of English. Still, they were good and its nice to be able to sit and have some booze in this park. Finally! 


With bellies of tequila we sauntered over to The Bull where we had a quick 10 minute wait. Upon entering the station we heard this announcement over the PA system: "I know this is going to sound weird... but El Toro has 14 different trashcans placed around the ride. We understand the ride is bumpy, but if you need to use a trash can after the ride, please make sure it goes INSIDE the can and not on top of or all over the side of it" to which the station responded with cheers. After we found our rows toward the back of the train we watched one of the crew cleaning up the trash can directly next to the train inside middle section of the station. Gross. As we were boarding my buddy was securing his phone, a kid on the incoming train noticed and yelled at him "You better put that phone away, we just lost mine!!!" As we departed the station around the first turn we saw the same group of kids looking through the fence and obviously conspiring a way to get that phone back lol. The ride was fantastic as always, it was my one buddies first lap in the last car (he'd ridden with us last year toward the front of the train) and he was blown away. 

From here we attempted Zumanjaro, as my concerns of it being closed were for nothing - we had seen it running with people throughout the day. Of course when we got back there the line was closed off for technical difficulties. We turned towards Kingda Ka and that line was out of the entrance. Booooo. We walked out of the Golden Kingdom and gave Superman a shot - the greeter informed us it was an hour and a half wait. Nope! 

Let's give Namtab another shot. So we headed there and the line just into the switchbacks before the tunnel. They had two trains running and this line basically never stopped moving. This crew was hustling more than any other crew I witnessed all day. And believe it or not - the tunnel/steps have AIR CONDITIONING!!! I was really blown away by this. We sat in the front (row 7) and jesus god that thing has so much insane force. Easily the most intense ride in the park after Toro, got us all a little dizzy. From the lift we could see Nitro's queue was totally full. We needed lunch and a break so we headed out to the lot to eat sandwiches we had packed in the cooler in the car. 


Once we headed back in we gave Zumanjaro another shot and the line was long but bearable. For one, its nice that most of the queue is covered and for the whole not-being-able-to-run-both-rides-at-the-same-time thing they seem to have it down to a science as just like Namtab, this line never stopped moving. It was about a half hour but didn't feel that long. This was my one buddies first ride on this and he has an extreme fear of heights so it was fun to see his reaction. He said he would do it again, but he was white as a ghost and basically speechless when we got off. 

On our way out of the Kingdom we stopped at Superman: Ultimate Flight and the line was a lot shorter than earlier. Again we waited about a half hour for this but mostly in the shaded parts of the queue and the line didnt really stop moving. I have to say this crew was hustling too. We did the last row and holy crap the way you get yanked through that pretzel loop is just ludicrous. While exiting through the gift shop I picked up a really cool Superman magnet to add to the growing collection on my refrigerator. 

All day we had been talking about doing one of the water rides so since none of us have done Congo Rapids in forever (its been 2 decades for me) we headed there. Another 10 minute wait and we all managed to basically get soaked head to toe. I forgot how fun that ride is and I'm glad we did it. 

We headed out at 5:30ish, as one of my buddies got a muscle cramp in his side on something midday (Toro we think?) and with each ride it was getting worse and worse. Since we had done everything we really wanted to we decided to head out, stop for food somewhere and head home. Nice weather, never felt PACKED, glad we could take a day off and enjoy the best of what the park has to offer for a few hours.

Ride count:
Nitro 1x
Skull Mountain 1x
El Toro 1x
Namtab 1x
Zumanjaro 1x
Superman UF 1x
Congo Rapids 1x

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