Coasting on a School Night: July 29th, 2015

I stopped over at Great Adventure for a few hours last night w/ my broski Tom and had a really good time. I feel like it was a redemption for a kind of disappointing and average visit last Wednesday. I had a really crappy day at work so I needed a release, and bad. It was hot and sticky (still almost 90 degrees at 7pm, and didn't get much cooler when the sun went down), we probably lost ten pounds each from all the sweating all night, but we didn't let that damper our fun one bit. 

We walked from our car to the gate at exactly 7pm and as we approached we were greeted by an endless stream of hundreds of kids w/ camp trips all leaving in unison. This made us so very happy. Our goal of this somewhat spontaneous trip was so that Tom could finally ride Namtab (Batman Backwards) so he wanted to head there first but I needed a warm up. Since I had such a great ride on Nitro last Wednesday we agreed to go there first. Faster and taller, but no inversions and not backwards. 

We had a 15 minute wait, got train A and it had a bit of rattle in the back row but it was still a fantastic ride. I hadn't ridden Nitro all season until last week and after my rides then and last night I am in full appreciative mode w/ this beast. 

It is absolutely a back seat ride simply for the extended floater airtime you get being yanked over and down the drop. Glorious sustained floater air over the hills as the train yanks you toward the ground. Hands up all the way, so so so good. 


We are so lucky to have this coaster so close to home. We encountered a couple of line jumpers here which was especially lame considering how short the wait actually was. And no one says or does anything (including me). 

From here we bee-lined around the corner for Namtab and were surprised to find it a complete and total walk on. Score! Too intense for everyone?


I can also confirm that the air conditioning is still working in the tunnel and stairway up to the station. This is one of the best things the park has done in a while, it normally gets brutally hot in there, especially during a long wait. 

But not today! It was so nice to walk right on to what is the "hot" ride in the park right now. 

Like last week, we sat in the last row (first row out of the station) and holy moses it is so intense. It makes my feet feel funny, all tingly, like all the blood in my body rushed to my feet. 

Rider cam footage by Coaster Force
While Namtab is very enjoyable its not exactly re-rideable so we decided to head towards El Toro and stopped @ Liberty Pub (we like it here) and chug a beer before the Bull.

The park was pretty quiet for a July weeknight, must have been all those camp trips leaving as we entered. Trust me, I'm not complaining at all. 

Liberty Pub is a nice little "hidden" beer garden sandwiched between the Main Street fountain and the the Flash Pass headquarters. Main Street Pub is also right here, and since they serve food, its seems most people go there. At Liberty there is usually no line and a nice little outdoor area to sit and enjoy your brew, it also offers some nice vantage points to check out the Sky Screamer and Skyway

After our beers we made way for El Toro, and walked up to about a 10 minute wait for it, snagged the magic seat (2nd row from the back), and as usual it was fantastic. 

When we stood up Tom had an issue with his lapbar opening so it took us a few extra seconds to get out of our seats - in that time I noticed a couple single riders w/ empty seats up further ahead in the train so I said to him "let's go up and try to get in those", and neither person cared when we asked if we could sit with them. 

I know this is technically line-jumping but we are really just filling empty seats so we are not causing anyone to wait any longer and none of the crew batted an eye. We also justified this in thinking that we gave everyone else on our train a better ride because we added 450 lbs of combined weight. Ole! 

We made the mistake of trying Zumanjaro next. After the looooooooong walk back the line looked to be about 20 minutes but just as we got there it broke down, stalling with riders onboard about 8-10 feet in the air. It was brought down, they were taken off, and it was run a few times empty, then with employees. At first this was great because half the line left, mumbling things like "I'm not riding something having problems like that!" so we now had about a 10 minute wait, but after another 5 minutes the same thing happened and they basically told us they were shutting down the ride. Some people waited, we gave up. It was almost 9pm, almost totally dark and we realized Tom has never done a Nitro night ride!

So on top of riding some awesome rides last night we also burned a crapton of calories because we hustled all the way back across the park and got two rides on Nitro in the pitch darkness. Only a line on the stairs, but once we got to the back row to queue up, it went down for "technical difficulties" which was actually just them hosing someones projectile vomit off of half the train. It was EVERYWHERE. Of course we calculated the amount of people in front of us to make sure we wouldn't be on that train and luckily we were not. This time we got train B and it was much smoother than earlier. Once again we were sneaky snakes and jumped in empty seats for a second lap. It was just a station wait anyway, we just couldn't be bothered to walk around. 

Nitro night rides are great because the coaster actually goes into the woods after the drop and there is nothing back there, so after dark it is DARK and makes the ride feel incredibly faster and out of control. 

We were going to head out to the car but it was 9:45 and we thought "maybe Namtab is still a ghost town" so we went there and walked right on to the front row (last row leaving the station) for our final ride of the night. My fourth ride on Namtab so far and probably the best. Sweet baby jaysus, so insane in the dark but also because of being able to see the ground being yanked out from underneath you. I'm surprised I've actually ridden it so much already, I definitely enjoy it. Foot tingles though.

And with that we headed back towards Pennsylvania where Tom dropped me off at the train and it took me ten years to get into the city to get home but it was worth it. After two recent average visits to the park I am loving Great Adventure again. We are so lucky to have these rides so close.

Ride count:

Namtab 2x
El Toro 2x
Nitro 3x