Great Adventure Bro-Fest: June 1st, 2014

As a Six Flags season passholder, I have a handful of "Bring A Friend Free" days, and since I don't drive, took advantage of these to get folks up to the park with me since neither my guest nor myself have to pay to get in. Originally I had planned to make my fourth trip to the park a day spent with my sister, who used to go on all-day riding adventures in Wildwood with me as kids. I got a text the morning of saying her and my nephew were sick and hadn't slept, so her husband would go with me instead. No matter, my bro-in-law was up for a day of riding. 

We were parked by 10am and were through security and the main gate insanely fast, and for the first time I was able to take advantage of the season passholder "early entry" and we got let in a few minutes before the general public. I could get used to this! 

 The Bull in action

As is now the routine, we headed right over to El Toro and got on the 2nd train of the day. We got in two rides with no wait at all, then popped over Superman: Ultimate Flight before the lines got too bad and it rode great. I love this coaster. We actually wound up getting stuck on the break run, of all places due to problems with the dispatch in front of us. We were only stuck for about 10 minutes, but the issue with this is you are still in the "flying" position until you get all the way back into the station and they lower your seat. 

Take a virtual ride on Superman: Ultimate Flight

After this we headed toward Batman and line was almost out to the garden but I really wanted to ride as I hadn't the last few times we've been at the park. So we waited about 20 minutes and it rode great. We didn't care where we sat, station was a shitshow so sat row 5 in center right side. Much less headbanging than I remembered and so incredible fast paced and downright intense. Great finish too. This is probably fantastic at night. 

 Batman & Superman POVs provided by DeathByIllusion

After this we went for Nitro and saw the line almost out to the front gate. Feels like Flash Pass time. This was my first time buying a flash pass but I had a BOGO coupon with my season pass so we headed to the FP Headquarters and even that wound up having a wait. I learned they make you sit through a brief movie on how to use the device. Seems easy enough. 

After this the day got pretty great. So nice to not have to wait. I took the advice I got to reserve next ride right after we'd pass the Flash Pass attendant for a given ride, so that while we're in the station waiting for one ride we're also virtually waiting for our next ride. This allowed us to bounce around a lot and get in a good amount of riding. We also did a lot of walking so I'll no doubt sleep good tonight. 

My brother-in-law hadn't been to the park in years so we tried to get on nearly everything. He's always wanted to ride Kingda Ka but we didn't see it running all morning or afternoon and he was super bummed. Anytime he's been to the park since it was built it is closed. While we were in line for Green Lantern around 5:00pm I was scrolling through our Flash Pass to reserve our next ride and what do you know? Kingda Ka pops up for only 15 minutes from then! PERFECT. 

We took our quick ride on Green Lantern and hurriedly ran over to the enormous Kingda Ka. Since they've been doing construction on the worlds tallest drop ride, Zumanjaro, which is attached to the same tower, I haven't been able to ride since last year. And ride we did. 

Take a virtual ride on the worlds' tallest coaster

When we went to get off the first time his restraint wouldn't open, while mine did so I stood up to get off. I motioned to the ride operator that his wouldn't open. In typical Six Flags employee fashion, she ignored me and walked away. During the confusion they allowed him to stay on the ride a second time! I stepped back to not get closed in the air gates, while some random dude sits down next to my bro, and the ride op comes by and staples him in for 2nd ride in a row!! 

While its absolutely something to experience, I can give or take Kingda Ka. Its all about the very intense launch but other than that its a one trick pony. Give me Nitro or El Toro any day. That said, it was cool to ride it again today, that launch is just nuts. I got some nice floater airtime on the camel hump. We more or less bounced around all day until finally around 7pm we decided we were just tired and sick of weaving in and out of huge crowds as we hopped from one ride to the other. 

The happy author with his first Flash Pass and an afternoon summer shandy

Overall it was a GREAT day with a ton of riding. Super hot and really crowded. Probably my last weekend day til after the summer. 

Ride count:
Nitro 2x 
El Toro 3x 
Kingda Ka 1x 
Superman 2x 
Bizarro 1x 
Batman 1x 
Green Lantern 1x 
Skull Mountain 1x 
Saw Mill Log Flume 1x 

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