Another Wildwood Weekend: June 14th, 2014

I was back on the island this past weekend and took a brief solo stroll up to the boardwalk yesterday afternoon for some always amazing Macks Pizza, some Kohr Bros custard, and of course took a ride on the "big three" coasters we have here. The weather was gorgeous - very warm, upper 70s with a great sea breeze coming in off the ocean. I keep getting lucky with weather when I've been riding this year.

The Great White, Adventure Pier 

The Great White, the piers' awesome woodie hasn't been opened on any trip I've been down here so far in 2014, so I did it two times, as my first and last ride of the day. This is hands down the best coaster they have to offer here. Both of my rides were in the back seat, both were walk-ons, and it ran super smooth and felt really fast and was the highlight of my day, beside the pizza and custard. If you sit in the very back it provides some nice airtime going over the first drop and a few more nice pops on the bunny hops toward the end. 

The Great White POV by Theme Park Review

Directly in front of me was a guy my age with his young son (maybe 6-8 yrs old?) who was riding for the first time. Its always fun to witness this, especially how scared the kid seemed during the ride but then how stoked he was after we pulled back into the station.

 The Great Nor'easter, Surfside Pier

I continued down the boardwalk toward Mariners' Landing and felt up to a bit of torture in the back seat of the Sea Serpent after which I officially denounced all boomerangs from now on and forever. It's been real, but that's where this relationship ends! Then it was down further to Surfside Pier for the Great Nor'easter which was running insanely rough in the back row to the point I actually was a little worried the train was going to tear apart mid-ride. Also noteworthy was that I was once again "wanded" for loose articles while boarding this ride, but not on either of the other two coasters. 

After a stop for some of my favorite pizza I did The Great White again followed by a delicious custard and headed back home. The Great White is a great little coaster and a Kohr Bros is a great way to end the day.

Ride count: 

The Great White x2
Sea Serpent x1
The Great Nor'easter x1

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