2014's Final Adventure: Coasters & Fright Fest! October 10th, 2014

The Bloody Fountain

Friday night marked my final 2014 trip to Six Flags Great Adventure, which I'm proud to consider my "home park". After venturing out to a few others recently I'm happy that the line-up of rides here is close by, as so far it is unmatched. 

My brother-in-law, and regular riding partner Tom and I had planned this trip a few weeks ago to check out the park's annual Fright Fest, but that turned into our trek out to Allentown, PA for Dorney Park. Being back "home" felt great, even with the park turned into a giant scare zone with zombies, demented clowns, random freaks and ghouls terrorizing the midways. 

All week the forecast called for rain, and while we did feel a bit of drizzle on our way into the park, I'm glad we didn't let it deter us from this visit as it held off all night.  Since I didn't bring my camera, all photos courtesy of Tom and his cameraphone.

Continuing the tradition, our first stop was El Toro. Though we had to fight our way through the front of the station we were essentially able to walk right to the cherished magic seat. 

 My happy place

 aka "Hands Up!"

I had hoped for a ride in the rain as I hear the experience is legendary, the rain held off and she was running perfectly. When we walked around for a second ride the line had doubled so we decided to grab some Flash Passes as we had a BOGO coupon to use. We came back and had us a second amazing ride.

Saddle up

Since we were in the area we made our way into "Bone Butcher Terrortory" to hit up the always great at night Bizarro

What was weird is that this ride had the longest line I've seen all year but on our Flash Passes we had absolutely no wait so we walked right on. I guess it pays to pay extra. 
Panorama of Bizarro's station

The ride was running great. We sat 2nd row right side, all of the fireballs, mist and lighting effects were all running, it really felt very fast and forceful and I experienced no headbanging. 

I really like this ride better than the other floorless coaster I've ridden Hydra @ Dorney Park, as this has such a great finale. It really moves all the way through the course. 

When we returned to the station the operator pointed out the next train was stopped on the lift, and this was because he spotted someone with their cell phone out. He made a big hoopla to everyone in the station about how the ride will be stopped and you'll be thrown out of the park. I really don't understand why folks feel the need for selfies on coasters.

 My shoes match the entry/exit portal

On both Bizarro and El Toro, where we went back for a third ride, we witnessed the ride staff breaking out the Lysol for a cleanup job. So gross, I do not envy these people. 

"Clean up in Car 5"

Fright Fest really brings em out. Batgirl even had a cape on. Serious business.
Seeing Runaway Mine Train had absolutely no wait, we hopped on for a quick, rough, roll through the dark woods on the parks' oldest coaster. As crappy as it is in comparison to everything else, I still love this ride. 

We also made our way over to Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom since Tom has yet to ride. It was nice to walk right on (thanks Flash Pass!) and enjoy this amazing ride. It was my first time at night and you could definitely see the lights of a city on the horizon. Whether it was Trenton or Philly, I'm not sure, but the drop was, as always, terrifyingly awesome.

 Nitro's station and lift

From here we made our way through the middle of the park over to the east side to hit up Nitro and Batman. Nitro is just flat out fantastic at night. We sat in the back row and the airtime over the first enormous drop is always amazing. 

 Nitro's train shed

We also walked right onto the back row of Batman and it felt more forceful and wild than usual, I think because it is very dark in the area the ride sits.  The ride was very smooth and enjoyable.

Since Tom had yet to ride the Sky Screamer we did that as well and had a good time. This was my first night ride and the only thing I could focus on was how much it smelled like delicious churros up there! 

Speaking of which, all night I wanted to eat something but we never stopped riding long enough except to chug a few beers! 


One thing I love about this park is the variety of beverages. Its not the deepest selection of beers but I know I can get more than just Miller or Coors. Tonight I had an Angry Orchard and a Red's Apple Ale.

Before the park closed we managed to get a final ride on Superman: Ultimate Flight. Any coaster with a pretzel loop is a great coaster and this is no different. We made a futile attempt to board Kingda Ka, and Zumanjaro once again but were turned away from both as the lines were closed for the night. Bummer. 

Regardless, we had a pretty great night and I'm glad we got a chance to get some last rides in before the end of the season. I'm really going to miss going up to the park and I'm already itching for spring!

Til next year, SFGAdv! ;(

Ride count: 

El Toro x3
Nitro x1
Zumanjaro x1
Bizarro x1
Batman x1
Superman: Ultimate Flight x1
Sky Screamer x1
Runaway Mine Train x1

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  1. Enjoyed that. Spring will be here before you know it!