2014: A Look Back


Time to get really nerdy here. All year long I have been keeping track of every single ride I have taken, including all coasters, and all other amusement rides. Here is a quick look back. 
  • In 2014 I visited 5 different theme parks: Six Flags Great Adventure (10 times), Morey's Piers (5 times), Six Flags America (once), Dorney Park (once) and Hershey Park (once).
  • I took exactly 150 individual rides on 39 different roller coasters. 7 of these were wood, 32 steel.
  • Of those 39 coasters, 24 of them I had never ridden before. 
  • I rode the tallest coaster on earth (Kingda Ka, SFGAdv, 456 foot drop) 4 times this year.
  • My 5 most ridden coasters of 2014 were:
    1. El Toro (Great Adventure) - 27 laps
    2. Nitro (Great Adventure) - 18 laps
    3. Bizarro (Great Adventure) - 13 laps
    4. Superman: Ride Of Steel (Six Flags America) - 12 laps
    5. The Great White (Morey's) - 8 laps
  • I had a lot of firsts this year:
    1. First Intamin hypercoasters (Superman: Ride Of Steel @ Six Flags America & Skyrush @ Hershey Park
    2. First Premier launcher (Jokers Jinx @ SFA) 
    3. First Morgan hypercoaster (Steel Force @ Dorney Park)
    4. First Schwartzkopf looper (Sooper Dooper Looper @ Hershey Park)
    5. First GCI woodies (Roar @ SFA, Lightning Racer & Wild Cat @ Hershey Park)
    6. The oldest B&M stand-up in existence (Apocalypse @ SFA)
    7. and my first horrifying experience on a spinning mouse (Ragin Cajun @ SFA).
  • I rode two woodies more than twice my age: Wild One (Six Flags America, 1917) and Thunderhawk (Dorney, 1924)
  • I rode 34 flat (non-coaster) rides, including 4 different drop towers at 4 different parks. Zumanjaro (SFGAdv), the tallest drop ride in the world (415 feet) is my favorite and I rode it 6 times this season.
  • As far as my favorite coasters, there were quite a few that I enjoyed this year, but here is a breakdown of what I think I liked the most (subject to change).

    I went in to 2014 with no car, a Six Flags season pass, and a bunch of awesome friends and family. That I managed to get to Great Adventure as many times as I did blows my mind and I loved every second of it. The icing on the cake was being able to get to all the regional parks right before the end of the season. 

    It's been a blast and easily one of the best summers of my life. Thanks for following along, and special thanks to anyone and everyone that drove me to a park or rode a coaster (or 10) with me. And who could forget all the other coaster freaks and weirdos I've met at parks or online. I had such a blast this year and you are all super awesome. 

    Here are some videos of my favorite rides in 2014. 

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