Closing Out The Operating Season in Wildwood: Sept 20th, 2014

This past Saturday night after an awesome dinner and drinks, I made it back up to the boardwalk with my mom and my aunt. Their goal was custard, I wanted to get a final ride in on The Great White, as it closes for the season after this weekend.

To my surprise, when I asked them to wait for me while I rode, my mom, who I haven't ridden with in a decade, maybe longer, decided to join me! I could only spot them running the blue train as we walked up, but to my delight, by the time we made it up to the station we saw they were transferring out the blue for the red train. Its like they knew I was coming!

We got a great night ride in with a packed train. I really hope they re-track the turn before those hills because while its the only rough spot, its pretty bad. From the station and more easily the top of the lift, you could see Surfside Pier was completely dark and closed for the season. 

Afterward I hopped on my favorite flat, the Screaming Swing, and then we got our custard (chocolate with chocolate jimmies!) and headed back home.  Starting to feel like the end of the season now.

Ride Count:
The Great White x1
Screamin Swing x1

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