Another Spontaneous Adventure: September 7th, 2014

Originally a group of friends had planned to check out the annual Fairgrounds @ Six Flags event that was happening this past Saturday as its one of the less crowded nights to go, so I've heard, but thunderstorms made us change our plans. My buddy Ian and I had talked about going to the park on a few occasions this past year so it wound up just being the two of us who headed up on Sunday instead. We got off to a late start and got to the park around 12pm. 

 I'd heard Superman has been down for maintenance and from the 
parking lot it sure looked to be out of service.

 I don't mind this addition, other than the fact they are calling it a "coaster" 

 We got in the main gate quickly

Ian has not been on any major coasters in years but he's another up-for-anything type, so I figured we would probably get a lot in. That turned out not to be the case but I can't complain, I personally had a great day overall. The park didn't feel crowded while walking around, at least compared to some of the really busy days Ive been up this summer. We decided to get a regular (aka cheap) Flash Pass, and the wait times weren't too bad.

 Fright Fest decorations are out

 I am sure they look great at night

They have not yet dyed the Main Street fountain red  :(

As is the routine, I started us off at El Toro, and it ran as amazing as always. Of course I made him sit in the magic seat, because there is no other way to ride. Ian was hooting and hollering like he was at a rock concert when we pulled into the break run.

While riding The Bull we had reserved Batman as that was one coaster Ian could remember doing on his last visit and he liked it. Not to mention, Nitro is right next door, so I figured we could hit both.

Batman is one of the parks older coasters, but it sure is awesome!

Unfortunately, after Batman, Ian felt nauseous so we sat and took a break. We watched the Sky Screamer which ad a healthy line any time we passed it today. 

Sky Screamer

To his credit, he tried to soldier on with me on Nitro. After this he got sick and that was his last ride of the day.

As you can see crowds were on the lighter side.

 Another beautiful day


 Even though he didn't feel 100%, Ian was cool enough to 
hang out while I rode a few more things before we headed out
Twister twisting. One of the few "larger" rides in the park I have not ridden

 I love the views of El Toro from Zumajaros queue
I had the itch to get back on Zumanjaro today and noticed it was not on my Flash Pass, since I had the regular (aka cheap) one. I decided to attempt the 'single rider line', where you are on stand by and will ride if there is an open seat on one of the gondolas. I reserved El Toro while I waited and learned the single rider line for Zumanjaro moves much slower than the regular line. I waited almost an hour. 

The view of the ride from end of the queue

To top if off, it broke down just as I was about to ride. I was actually seated and strapped in, when they made everyone get off to wait for maintenance to do a test run. As crazy as I am, I still got right back on. As someone who was not a fan of drop rides earlier this year, this ride is fast becoming a favorite at the park. 

To end the day on a high note, I made my way over to El Toro for my final ride, which thanks to a glitch with my Flash Pass, turned into 3 rides in a row! Don't ask me how I did it, but I did! :) Overall kind of a weird day, but I got to ride my favorite rides in the park. I wish Ian was feeling more up to it but its a reason to get him back up there (if he can handle it!)

El Toro 4x
Nitro 1 x
Batman 1x
Zumanjaro 1x

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