National Roller Coaster Weekend: August 16th & 17th, 2014

August 16th is National Roller Coaster Day, so after my all day trip to SFGAdv on Friday the 15th, my coastermania weekend continued with a ride down to Wildwood on Saturday morning, with the missus and two of my closest friends. We stayed with my folks and actually went up to the boardwalk three times over the course of Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we stopped up around dinnertime to eat some Macks Pizza and to walk down the beach to dip our feet in the ocean. We strolled the boards a bit but no rides. 

Later on that night we made a trip back up to the the boards, arriving around 10pm and immediately right on to the back seat of The Great White. Surprisingly, the line was out of the station and down the steps, the first time I've seen that long of a line in a few years. Our first ride was a full train, and was tearing through the course. 

After all of our rides this season we've decided we prefer the red over the blue train as the restraint sits higher on the blue train and sort of leans into your stomach while the red trains' restraints sit over your thighs making for a much more comfortable ride. I love the whip of airtime over the first drop and the bunnyhills. The turnaround before the bunnyhills needs to be retracked, it is beyond bumpy. 

We made it down to Mariners Pier and did the Riptide pirate ship ride. Just like a few weekends ago, we sat on the end for some great airtime. I love that they cycle this ride for so long. We got some boardwalk eats (more Macks Pizza, some Kohr Bros custard) and were on our way home around midnight. 

Sunday afternoon we headed back up for a few more rides - yet another back seat spin on The Great White. We were very stoked to walk up and see that only the red train was running. 

To top it off we got a ride with another almost full train so we had another great ride on it. My buddy Art and I also did the Screaming Swing ride which has some seriously scary awesome ejector airtime. 

Healthy food on the boardwalk? Who knew?

After doing Zumanjaro a few times recently I was determined to do Wildwood's 140 foot Atmosfear drop ride, and no one would ride with me, so I did it alone. It felt more forceful of a drop but so much shorter than Zumanjaro's 415 feet. 

All in all it was another great weekend at Morey's Piers, with tons of quality riding. 

Ride Count: 

The Great White x2
Screaming Swing x1
Riptide x1
Atmosfear x1
Tram Car x1 (so bumpy its a ride all in itself!)

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