Summer At The Sea Shore: July 26th, 2014

Adventure Pier

I was back down at the folks once again this past weekend. Saturday night after dinner and drinks the missus and I ventured up to the boardwalk for a late evening stroll and ride. While we did hit up Mariners Landing, we avoided the Sea Serpent & didn't even work our way down to Surfside Pier for the Great Nor'easter, even though I was itching to the ride their Atmosfear drop ride to compare it to my recent Zumanjaro experience. 

 The Great White first drop and 2nd turnaround

The closest pier is Adventure Pier, home to Wildwood's modest yet amazing woodie, The Great White. I've always been partial to steel coasters but this thing is running so well this year I can't gush about it enough. Like me, most Philadelphians spend their summer vacations in Wildwood, so just about anyone who has mentioned they were headed down has had to deal with me demanding they ride The Great White while in town. 

 Carousel on Adventure Pier

Me and the missus arrived on the boardwalk at around 10pm and jumped right on for a nice night time roll in the back seat. She hesitated to ride in the back as she hasn't been on any coasters since Great Adventure opening day, but the smile on her face on the brake run said it all. When you sit in the back you get such great airtime over the drop and some nice pops on the bunnyhills toward the end. They must have re-tracked this baby over the off season as she's running so smooth, there is only some shuffle on the turnaround before the bunnyhills. 

Mariner's Landing

We then made our way down to Mariners Landing for their new Riptide ride that replaced their old Sea Dragon that had an accident a few years ago. This one seemed to go way higher and the operator let it run for a really long time. We sat on the end for maximum airtime. 

A crappy shot of Riptide

I don't like most flats as I can't do spinning stuff but the missus prodded me to go on the Tilt-A-Whirl so we did. Fun but woozy, I made it out alive. We wandered for a bit and jumped in the weirdo 3D Pirates Of Wildwood boat ride for a mellow laugh, where we found a lone scare actor inside staring at us. If he was trying to be creepy it worked. 

 Wave Swinger & Giant Wheel

Of course we made a quick stop at Macks Pizza just as they were closing and got our favorite slices (me: pepperoni, her: green pepper). Delish, as always!


We slowly strolled back toward Adventure Pier to head home as it was after midnight and most shops and the rides were beginning to shut down, but The Great White was still running! Down the pier we hustled and walked on to the front row. It was an empty train save for another couple in the back row and not as fun as our first ride earlier as this train crawled and lacked the airtime we got in the back earlier. After exiting the missus asked me for one more ride, so we walked around and did the back row again and it delivered. We had a few more folks on this ride so we were hauling ass. Just as we were exiting the platform the pier announced on the loudspeaker they were closing. Perfect ending to a nice summer Saturday night on the Wildwood boardwalk. 

Ride Count:

The Great White x3
Riptide x1

Tilt-A-Whirl x1
Pirates of Wildwood x1

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