Sponataneous Adventure: June 29th, 2014

 Aerial view of Great Adventure

After trying to find a riding partner all week to utilize a season pass "Bring-A-Friend-For-$9.99" special, I wound up going with my old friend Teri, a coaster fan who hasn't been to Six Flags Great Adventure in a quite some time. She wasn't sure when she had last gone but she had done a few of the  older coasters like Medusa (now known as Bizarro), Superman and Batman.

Mandatory shot of The Bull from the Skyway

We made it up to the park a little later than I would have liked to but we were in a short line for El Toro by 11:30am, about a 15 minute wait and we walked around to do it again right away, another 15 minute wait. I love this ride so much and Teri did too. Today it ate my sunglasses for breakfast. They were in my front pocket, which I've done before, but this time when I pulled them out afterwards the lenses were both smashed to pieces. The Bull does not fuck around.  

After our morning wake up session we bounced around and did a lot of things that we didn't have to wait for: Bizarro (a station wait), Runaway Mine Train (a walk-on), and the SkyWay (5 minute wait). Upon touching down we hit up Skull Mountain where we waited 2 trains for back row, which I'd never done on this before and OMFG! This is such great, totally underrated coaster. They had the death metal really CRANKED adding to the insanity of this one. 

We then went for Nitro, where the line was out to the switchbacks but with all three trains running it was a 20 minute wait. I say it all the time, this thing is a people eater. Here we got to witness line jumpers being thrown out by security which was nice. In fact I noticed security dudes line-watching on both El Toro and Nitro today. Thank god they are finally doing something about this, the line jumping has been bad all season and no one ever says or does anything, including me. I'm here to ride, not fight. As far as Nitro, we avoided Train C and had a blast in the back row, as expected. 

Nitro's first 230ft drop. No I did not take this.

After this we waited 20 minutes for Batman and waited an extra few for the front row upon Teri's insistence. This ride is intense as hell and feels so much faster than it actually is. The line was even shorter upon exiting, and I almost went back for a 2nd ride but decided against it. Instead we made a quick pop out to the car for some packed Wawa lunch, then back in for another round of Nitro - another 20 minute wait, but with three trains running this line always moves. 

 Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train

Then I got a credit! I always joke about doing Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train which is one of the smallest coasters in the park, and almost did last time I was at the park in early June but my bro-in-law scoffed at the size of the ride. Well, yesterday I finally went on! At 6'2 and without a child I was worried they may turn me away but they didn't! I totally did not even fit into the seat (in the back of course, Teri in front of me) and the operator stapled me in. Good thing as I got some serious whip action on that first tiny drop.

The author as a credit whore

We also did the Buckaneer swinging pirate ship ride upon Teri's insistence and it was fun. The ride ops had each side having a screaming match and everyone on board was hyped up and into it. 

T-shirt in El Toro's gift shop

We then decided we were getting fatigued so one more and done. We figured we'd go out with a bang so we waited for El Toro for one final ride around 5pm. The line was out to the entrance but we only waited 30 minutes. This ride is worth every second of waiting. As we were in line we noticed a helicopter over the parking lot, and knowing of a potential commercial shoot for the new drop ride happening today, I guessed we'd see Zumanjaro and Kingda Ka running together, and sure enough there they both went. Everyone in line with us was buzzing about it, every other person had their phone out filming the coaster running and gondolas dropping simultaneously as the chopper flew around it. Pretty cool to witness.

Cell phone video Teri caught of the commercial shoot

As for El Toro, we rode it in the magic seat all three times and as usual it felt insanely faster on our final ride late in the day.

It was really hot and sunny yesterday so we made many stops at the "misting machines" they have all over the park and were chugging water all day. The lines for the Log Flume and Congo Rapids were really long so we didn't bother. Those misting machines come in handy. That and dumping water fountain water all over me throughout the day. Other than the heat overall a good day with a ton of riding considering we didn't bother with a Flash Pass! With the 3 rides on El Toro and 2 on Nitro how could it not be?

Ride count:

El Toro 3x
Nitro 2x
Bizarro 1x
Batman 1x
Skull Mountain 1x
Buckaneer 1x
Skyway 1x
Blackbeards 1x
Runaway Mine Train 1x

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