Coasters & Classic Cars in Wildwood: May 10th, 2014

Well, here is another brief trip report in honor of my first "summer" weekend at my folks place in Wildwood now that some of Morey's Piers have opened for the season. I got into town late Friday night and sat up with my Mom to catch up, followed by a much needed late night soak in their wonderful hot tub before turning in.

My folks joined me around noon on Saturday for a stroll down to and along the boardwalk and I'd hope to get a few rides in. Also happening this weekend was the annual Classic Car Show, which I got a ton of pictures of. 

As far as rides, the weather was very overcast with short periods of drizzle - with the humidity this felt great, but for some reason had me in a don't-feel-like-riding type of mood. 

Their classic hybrid woodie, The Great White, was still closed for a few weeks so I was sorta bummed about that but even in my mellow mood couldn't resist hopping on the Sea Serpent, the piers oldest steel looping coaster, a Vekoma boomerang for a front seat ride.

The author enduring a painful front seat ride

Back on to the main stretch of boardwalk we encounted even more colorful, quirky, classic cars. 

MACKS! First slice of the year

 Step right up to win an awesome prize!

We stopped down Surfside Pier so I could hit up the piers' Vekoma SLC, The Great Nor'easter. I rode in the back as I usually do. After riding the world class machines at Great Adventure over the last month I'm coming to the realization that these old Vekomas are pretty bad.  

 Returning after my back seat ride

I have such nostalgia for these coasters, having ridden them both hundreds of times, but I definitely got punched in the side of the head on the Sea Serpent and the train I rode on the Nor'easter had a serious rattle. I do love the first drop, and I know the coaster well so I can ride defensively. The newer restraints make for a much more comfortable ride. I can boast that both were total walk-ons, mid afternoon with a fairly busy boardwalk thanks to the car show. I wandered back through the pier and snagged some shots of their flat rides and junior coasters.


 Flitzer / Doo-Wopper
 Zoom Flume / Atmosfear

 Dante's Dungeon

 Rock N Roll

 Dune Buggy


The first summer visit of the year is always nice as my folks live in Wildwood year round so I visit quite a bit off season when it turns into a nice little quiet small town for a few months. To see the tourism machine crank back into action is fun and gives me that occasionally needed reminder of me why I love Wildwood so so much. 

Ride count:

Sea Serpent x1
The Great Nor-easter x1

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