Oktoberfest & Last Rides @ the Seashore: Sept 24th, 2016

Last weekend I made it a point to get down to Wildwood to check out Morey's first ever Oktoberfest event, and also to get the seasons last rides on The Great White, as it was the last operating weekend for Adventure Pier. Of course as soon as I arrived on Friday night my first stop was my folks to drop off my bag, and immediately headed to the boardwalk for a late night dinner of non other than Macks Pizza

As the piers were closed, the boardwalk was fairly quiet so I sat and enjoyed my slices while taking in the salt air and some people watching. 

Saturday morning I hung around my folks house til noon and asked them if they wanted to join me in checking out both the Classic Car show taking place on the boardwalk, and grab a beer or a few at Jumbos, the restaurant at the front of Morey's Mariners Pier, where there were hosting the Oktoberfest. 

Even though it was a fairly grey day, with the car show going on at our noon arrival the boards were packed, yet Jumbos was moderately busy with business picking up as we sat and ordered some flights of beer and some lunch consisting of Bratwurst sandwiches. 


Very very good food. A second flight I ordered took forever to come out, with our waitress constantly apologizing and graciously not charging me for it once we got our check. Excellent customer service. 

Earlier in the week I saw Morey's was offering a $25 all day ride wristband and jumped on it assuming I could use it to get as many rides as I could on The Great White and boy did it pay off. After eating with the folks and getting good and sloshy we went our separate ways - them to take a walk and check out more cars, while I went to get my wristband and get some riding in. 

I made my way around Mariners for a bit hitting up the Sea Serpent for a buzzy back seat ride, and then hopped on Rollies Coaster (don't judge me) since I never ride it and there was absolutely no wait. I would never waste tickets on this crappy old Pinfari but it was free and no wait. 


After this I noticed a second biergarten set up just under Sea Serpents spikes so I stopped and grabbed another beer (or was it 2?) before I jumped on the Riptide (swinging ship) and got some nice floater airtime sitting on the end closer to the end of the pier. 

I probably look like a weirdo riding this stuff alone but I don't care. I then took a really fantastic spin on the piers recently elevated Waveswinger, almost getting back on for a second ride but instead I headed back down to Adventure Pier to get some Great White laps in. 

With my wrist band I was able to purchase $5 rides on the Screamin' Swing, one of my favorite flats in Wildwood, so I bought two and took one ride and then headed over to the Great White, a walk-on, and walked around 6 times in a row. 

I took one more ride on the Screamin' Swing and decided it was time to take a break, so off to Dairy Queen to get my annual blizzard - this one of the peanut butter cup variety. Delicious. 

I headed back to my folks for more hangs and food before returning to the boardwalk for some night rides. I wanted to get the most out of my wristband and see how many more laps I could get on the Great White. 

While on my way back there I decided to purchased two more $5 rides on the Screamin Swing, using one of them right away before I headed back to TGW to start my marathon. Again, very little people riding so I was able to ride, walk around, ride, repeat until I had gotten 13 more laps on it making my total for the day 19. 

One last ride on the Screamin' Swing before leaving Adventure Pier, and I took a slow stroll all the way down the boards (stopping at Macks for yet another slice, yes I'm addicted) to Gateway 26 as I had been carrying around a baggy of quarters all day saved up for some crane game action. Lots of close calls but only managed a Pikachu. Knowing this way the last weekend of the Tram Cars running I noticed one approaching and hung out til it passed and I jumped on for a slow roll back to the other end of the boardwalk where I got off and walked the rest of the way home. 

Great deal on the ride wristband, my total for the day was:
Sea Serpent x1
Waveswinger x1
Ripride x1
Rollies 1x 

Screaming Swing x4
The Great White 19x

On Sunday I did head back to the boardwalk via bike to do some shopping and grab some fudge to bring back home to Philly. 

I rode down to Surfside Pier to see if I could catch any work being done to the Great Nor'easter as they are rehabbing it this off season but all I could tell from the boardwalk was that they are power washing the supports (likely to prep for new paint). I'll be keeping an eye on it during my visits this off season, excited to see what's in store for 2017!